Transportation technology

Transport is a crucial element of the production line because it is responsible for production flow. Depending on what raw material is being processed, the size/ shape of the building or individual needs of our clients, we pick the most suitable type of transport (motor transport, pneumatic transport or mix of those two) which we later design and manufacture.


Motor transport is indispensable for every processing line and to produce it, we use the following machines: redler(type of a conveyor equipped with one chain), bucket elevators, auger conveyors, scraper conveyor, slat feeding tables, moving walkway, belt conveyors


Pneumatic transport is a good alternative for motor transport, especially when it comes to transporting dry products over long distances. When chosen carefully, it is a much safer option. 

This type of transport is also suitable for pneumatic conveying dust systems which are a part of a bigger aspiration line(dedusting). The dedusting installation guarantees the safe work of motor transport equipment and other devices within the technological line.