We offer a broad range of the crushing devices (crushers, mills, hatches, ventilators, transport pipes and  aspiration) which allow for reducing geometrical sizes of single particles of the material processed. Our devices are intended for crushing sawdust, wood chips, green plants, hay, straw and others and their technical parameters depend on individual needs of the client.

Lines of crushing

Crushing constitutes one of the  more important stages of preparing the raw mineral for for further processing. Before the material goes to granulator or drier must be crushed and/or milled.

Crushers type RSC

For the initial crushing of the agro biomass, we offer hammer crushers (RSC), used, inter alia, for grain, rapeseed straw processin and hay and also in production process of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel – fuel from waste).


We offer different types of mills corresponding to varied needs of our clients. These are both wet mills allowing for obtaining the finished fraction for dryign process and mills adjusted to dry processing of the material sawdust, inter alia) eg. flail mills, ideal for obtaining fraction for granulation process.

Our mills are equipped with the system of maintaining constant sub-pressure which reduces the risk of explosion, increases effectiveness and work safety.

Characteristics of the flail mills

Flail mills: dry and wet are extremely effectuve tool. They allow for maximum usage of the sit Surface due to large bending angle. Their structure is simple and due to this reliable. The replacement of exploitation parts (flails and sit) is easy. In addition, they are equipped with security system which prevents from opening the doors during the operation of the machine and system of automatic lubricating.