Our history 

We are an experience-based company, learning about the bioenergetic market since the late 90’s. We officially started our company CEDRUS in 2006. Back then, our main focus was on advisory and marketing services in the bioenergetic market, as well as selling and collecting equipment to convert biomass. In 2007 we started to produce our own equipment which triggered a significant growth of our company. In the following years, CEDRUS expanded its range of services and increased staff size. Today, the total amount of employees exceeds 60. 

On a yearly basis, we build and equip several plants. This is why we have gained the trust of many companies within the country and abroad. Contentment of our customers is best represented by their recommendation letters.

In January 2013 we opened our research station which allowed us to start building innovative technologies and seek new solutions for processing raw materials.

This contributed to the expansion of CEDRUS services.


  • Designing

    Our team of engineers and design engineers can provide a concept for any development. We make technology designs for an entire factory or for particular apparatus. 

  • Implementation of a process line or its particular elements

    Every equipment in our offer is built either by us or by our close business partners.

    Upon our clients’ individual requests, we can produce complete process lines or its particular machines such as dryers, comminution, mills, filters, tanks, mechanical and pneumatic transport, feed mixing plants, granulators, radiator, screeners, separators, sorters, fire protection systems.

  • Installation, commissioning, training, service

    Our qualified staff install and commission both complete lines and particular machines. After commissions, we provide professional training and service warranties.

  • Upgrading an already existing plant

    We specialise in modernisation and upgrading of industrial facilities in order to improve their efficiency or change their production profile. 

  •  Performing tests and doing research

    In our research station, we perform many tests and do a lot of research on drying, comminution, granulation and transport of different kind of raw material.

  • Consulting and help with fundraising

    Because of our collaboration with a consulting company, we provide help with raising finances for projects through grants or bank loans.