We design and produce drying lines intended to dry raw material which is essential in manufacturing wood pallet, agripellet, refuse-derived fuel (RDF), fruit and vegetable by-products (eg. fruits and vegetables pomace), waste management (eg. industrial pellet mill) and in the food industry.

We have reliable loose-material drying technologies. Because of our constant research, we are able to successfully update our offer to make sure we provide the best equipment possible, eg. drying moist raw materials up to 85%.

We provide an individual approach to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

To obtain the most effective results, we produce belt dryers, drum dryers, rotary dryers and hybrid dryers. 


Drum dryers

Among drum dryers, we can distinguish two models:

  1. Typical dryers (use an exhaust for drying),
  2. dryers with waste gas/air exchanger.

The practical advantage of (1) is its small operating costs and rather simple construction. However, due to the high temperature( over 600℃) and material exposure to exhaust gas, there’s also a risk of ignition. 

These problems don’t occur while using (2). The quality of the final product is also much higher but the dryer is more expensive since it requires specialised parts and has a higher energy consumption.

Drum dryers are suitable for drying sawdust, fruit and vegetable pomace and post-ferments. 

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Belt dryers 

Advantages of a belt dryer include good quality of the final product and a low temperature of drying. It’s a solution not suitable for customers with either a tight budget or limited space.

A belt dryer is often used in the food industry( for drying fruits and vegetables) but it’s also appropriate to dry sawdust, post- ferment etc.

Centrifugal dryer (reactor)

A centrifugal dryer has many advantages, such as the final product being of high quality, it works on low temperatures(120-200 ℃) and its cost of maintenance is similar to that of a drum dryer

Hybrid dryer 

This solution is a hybrid of drum dryer/ belt dryer with centrifugal dryer. It increases efficiency and quality of the final product while not increasing the costs. This dryer is especially suitable for clients who want to upgrade their already existing equipment without bearing high costs.