Milling lines

Milling of raw materials is the most crucial process for further material processing. Before the raw materials end up in the dryer, it must be shredded and/or grounded.

RSC Shredders

For initial agro biomass shredding, we recommend using hammer shredders (RSC) which are used for, among other things, cereal straw, rape straw and during the production of RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).


We offer different kinds of mills depending on our customer’s needs: 

  • wet mills – during which the processed material is more uniform in size, which impacts drying efficiency,
  • mills suitable for dry raw materials such as sawdust (eg. hammer mills).

Our mills are equipped with controllers making them safe to work with and efficient. 

Please contact us to arrange the details


About hammer mills

Hammer mills are extremely efficient. The design is simple and easy to operate. It’s also quick and simple to replace its parts without interrupting the operation it is performing.