Granulation lines

We design and produce granulation lines essential in manufacturing: wood pellet agripellet, RDF refuse-derived fuel (RDF), post-ferments of biogas station, production of feed and fertilisers.

A properly chosen granulator is essential in granulation lines which is why we provide help with choosing the most suitable type for our clients’ needs.

Different types of granulators:

  • ring granulator – the most popular type because of its low operating costs, easy operation and simple design,
  • flat matrix granulator – less popular type, used during production of composite fuel or fertilisers.


Setting of granulation line

Depending on individual preferences of our clients we are offering either horizontal or vertical direction of configuration. 

Please contact us to arrange the details


Vertical configuration

This is more convenient type of setting because granulator is attached to the cooler therefore it doesn’t require much space. Machine is design to use gravitational forces that’s why not many transporting equipment is needed.

Moreover it uses less energy and produces smaller amount of waste when granulating pallet. The only disadvantage is that in some cases there is a need of rebuilding hall to make it higher. Service and usage of vertical granulator can be difficult because it involves working at height and in consequence usage of special equipment.

Horizontal configuration

It’s suitable option for already existing halls, where it’d be difficult to raise the roof. 

Granulator with horizontal setting is easier to operate and maintain. Unfortunately because of it’s size it requires much more space and extra transport equipment which consequently leads to bigger energy usage.

As a result of horizontal oriented processing, pellet may be more crumbled which potentially result in higher amount of waste than in case of vertical configuration.